Take the time to truly understand your needs, wants, priorities, concerns, financial parameters and timeline. Review the process, costs, options, strategies and decision points to make them fully understandable and manageable. Educate you to current market conditions and values to enable your informed decisions. Deliver prompt information on new listings that meet your criteria. Make you aware of opportunities and assist you in evaluating the pros and cons of all the choices before you. Provide you with complete market value analyses of any properties under consideration: recent sales, comparable homes available, and market conditions pertinent to the property.

Negotiate on your behalf skillfully and aggressively to secure the best possible price and terms. Guide you during the course of investigatory due diligence period so that you may fully review all material information before proceeding to completion of purchase. Refer you to professional resources as necessary and present you with all the facts as best as they can be ascertained. Lastly, provide you with true fiduciary representation, the commitment to representing and protecting your interests above all others.